We're Vinewave.

We help organizations solve the world's challenges by making their workplaces more intelligent.

Vinewave is a global technology company that builds intelligent workplace tools for organizations running on Microsoft 365.

More than 500 enterprises around the world use our software platform to collaborate better and improve the efficiency of their digital workplaces.

Which in the end, helps them do more meaningful work.

Trusted by global brands and Fortune 500's across every industry


Lawrence Cawood, Co-founder at Vinewave Connect with Lawrence on LinkedIn
Lawrence Cawood
Co-founder & CEO
Craig Tarr, Co-founder at Vinewave Connect with Craig on LinkedIn
Craig Tarr
Co-founder & COO
Bradley Geldenhuys, Co-founder at Vinewave Connect with Brad on LinkedIn
Bradley Geldenhuys
Co-founder &
non-executive director

Vinewave is headquartered in South Africa, with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We also work remotely.

Vinewave remote work photos