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SharePoint News Web Part

SharePoint Server/Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server/Foundation 2013, and SharePoint 2016

Display the latest world news directly in SharePoint with our News Web Part for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016!

Vinewave News Web Part for SharePoint

Live news feeds in SharePoint

Choose from popular categories such as Top Stories, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Business, Travel and more.

You can even specify your own custom RSS feed!

What better way to keep your SharePoint sites fresh and dynamic?

Vinewave SharePoint News Web Part multiple data sources and RSS feeds

Multiple data sources

You can choose to retrieve news from MSNBC, CNN, BBC News or News24, from a variety of categories, or you can specify your own custom RSS location if there's a specific feed you'd like to display on your intranet.

Other great features

Good looking

We've tried to make it look and feel like a listing from a real news web site. An article headline, date, description and thumbnail image is displayed for each news item.


News content is cached when it needs to be, so you don't have to worry about bandwidth usage every time someone hits your intranet.

Easy to set up

Simply drag the News Web Part onto a page, choose your news feed and a category to display. It's that simple.

Why did we build this?

Although SharePoint comes with a built-in RSS Viewer web part, it's not tailored towards displaying news content.

So we decided to build a SharePoint news web part that would not only look great but also be super easy to use.

The result is our News Web Part for SharePoint!

(PS: Installation is a piece of cake :)

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