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SharePoint Document Analytics

SharePoint Server/Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server/Foundation 2013, and SharePoint 2016

Vinewave Document Analytics is a SharePoint audit and reporting add-on that provides detailed statistics for documents in your SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016 document libraries.

Vinewave Document Analytics for SharePoint

Document auditing in SharePoint

Keen to see who viewed, edited or checked out a document or presentation?

Want to find out who changed permissions on a document and why?

Document Analytics for SharePoint provides this information and more in a simple yet powerful audit report that tells you everything you need to know about a document's activity.

And it works in SharePoint Foundation too!

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics audit reports easily accessible

Analytics right where you need it

Simply choose 'View Statistics' from the dropdown menu of any document or list item to see its audit report.

It's that simple.


Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics track all list items

Track all list items

Vinewave Document Analytics enables tracking across all list items in your SharePoint environment. A full audit history is available for all documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, pages, blogs, wikis, custom list items, and more!

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics analyze trends

Analyze trends

Use the Last 30 Days and Last 12 Months graphs to track the popularity of your documents and presentations. Is a certain blog post getting read less? Maybe it's time for an update. Has a particular wiki page spiked in popularity this month? Find out why.

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics view full audit trails

Full audit trail

Views, updates, check-outs, permission changes and more are listed in a document's full audit trail, along with details like the version, the user who interacted with the document, and the date that the action occurred.

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics compatible with SharePoint Foundation

Also compatible with Foundation

SharePoint Foundation does not come with audit and reporting functions out-the-box, and in SharePoint Server this functionality is limited to administrators only. Document Analytics works on both versions of SharePoint, so whether you're a big enterprise or a small company, you still receive the same benefits.

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics view permission changes

Track and view permission changes

Document Analytics tracks and displays detailed info on permission changes, so you can see who granted permissions to whom, and when. Now you can find out who gave Jimmy access to that confidential document, or who removed permission inheritance from your presentation.

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics recent views and edits

Recent views and edits

Find out who recently viewed your presentation or edited your spreadsheet by checking the recent views and edits lists, a summary of the people who last interacted with the item.

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics view document information

View document info

Document Analytics automatically pulls document properties out of Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) to help you quickly gather more info about the context of the item. Now you can view the Author, Status, Subject, Category, Tags and Comments from documents directly in SharePoint without having to open the document in an Office application.

Vinewave SharePoint Document Analytics audit recycle bin

Recycle bin auditing

Document Analytics shows you if a document was deleted or restored from the recycle bin. Audit history is preserved for deleted documents, so you can recover lost audit info if someone inadvertently deletes a document.

Why did we build this?


We wanted to give people a simple way of finding out who is doing what with their documents in SharePoint.


SharePoint Server provides audit log information, but it's only available to administrators. We wanted to empower the people who actually work with documents: end users and document owners, by making audit info available to them.


We wanted to provide audit capabilities to users of SharePoint Foundation, which does not come with audit functionality out-the-box.

Here's what people are saying...

"You guys have built a very slick solution that is incredibly easy to install/configure."
- Nick

"Recently, we tried your Vinewave Document Analytics solution & we liked it a lot."
- Basem

"This is an excellent add-on!"
- Prabha

"It seriously looks stunning! "
- Ruud

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