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October 14, 2020

Employee directory bug fixes (Sep/Oct 2020)

- Hide "Default" office and department from left navigation, and from the offices and departments listing pages. The "Default" office or department is where we allocate user accounts that don't have an office or department field set, but this was confusing for end users, so we removed this from displaying in the sidebar and listing pages. Note: The Default office and department is still accessible via search and directly via URL (e.g. /#/default).

- Fix: If office or department names were too long, they were being ""cut off" in the sidebar. We fixed that by wrapping the names if they're too long.

- Fix: Certain users weren't able to sign in to existing tenants if their email address is different from their User Principal Name (UPN).

- Fix: If a user exists in more than one tenant that is synced to OneDirectory, their user details weren't syncing correctly.

- Fix: Squashed a small rendering bug with profile pics.

- Added filtering definitions for BusinessPhone and MobilePhone for custom fields functionality.

- Removed sidebar "snapping" behavior. It didn't add much value to the user experience, and removing it makes page scrolling smoother.

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