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May 14, 2020

Changes to SharePoint analytics "content views" metric

Our latest update to SharePoint Vitals makes some changes to the way metrics are displayed for SharePoint sites.

Specifically, SharePoint Vitals had a metric called Content Views, which we created to make it easier to get a feel for how busy any particular SharePoint site was relative to other time periods, and other sites you were comparing against.

However, we found that this metric was causing confusion as it was only relevant when doing comparisons. Because it was a "made up" metric, when used on its own it didn't tell you anything factual about the site in question.

So we decided to remove content views from throughout the app, and instead place more focus on the document views and page views metrics in relation to their sites.

Now, when you view your SharePoint site analytics you'll see two lines on the charts: one for document views and one for page views. This gives you more insight into whether users are viewing more page content, or more documents, within a site.

This also applies to Unique Viewers within a site.

And as always with any chart in SharePoint Vitals you can view this data daily, weekly, or monthly (SharePoint Vitals tracks your audit data for all-time, not just 90-days which is the limit in SharePoint).

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