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March 31, 2021

Add a subdomain to your OneDirectory

Until now, your employees have been accessing your company's employee directory at

That worked out okay if you're using single sign-on, but if not, then your colleagues sometimes didn't know where to go to sign in.

And sometimes they'd end up starting a new OneDirectory trial by accident, instead of signing in to your company's existing OneDirectory.

That caused a bit of a mess 💩

So we wanted to give your employee directory a new home 🏠 that's a little easier for your team to find.

Introducing subdomains for OneDirectory

Now you can access your OneDirectory at 🎉

Our team has already added your subdomain for you, and you may have noticed you're already being redirected from the old OneDirectory sign in URL to your company's new subdomain at

(If you want to change your company's OneDirectory subdomain, chat to our support team).

💡 We suggest updating your old "" bookmarks and intranet links to your new OneDirectory address, which you can find in the Vinewave Dashboard.

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