We recently released version 1.7.0 of the Staff Directory for SharePoint. Here’s what’s been improved.

SharePoint 2016 support

The Staff Directory Web Part now works with SharePoint 2016 😃

SharePoint 2016 logo ticker

We recently blogged about this so check out the full post for features and screenshots.

Screenshot of on-premise Staff Directory Web Part for SharePoint 2016
Staff Directory for SharePoint 2016

Performance improvements

The web part was super-fast already (the fastest on the planet by the way — ask us how we did it ;) but one of our customers — who had over 100K SharePoint users — told us that it was slow when sorting large numbers of users in the column-based view.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part column view
Staff Directory column-based view

The issue wasn’t noticeable with only a few thousands users, but it was with tens of thousands of users.

So we built a script that created 100,000 test users in our development environment and eventually narrowed down the cause of the problem.

The fix turned out to be a simple update to our sorting algorithm, but it had a major impact on sorting speed.

Pre-defined filter

The offices and departments sidebar now shows or hides items based on the filter rules you’ve specified, and we fixed a bug where the sidebar user counts were sometimes incorrect when filter rules were applied to the web part.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part offices in sidebar

New filter rule matching options

We added ‘starts with’ and ‘ends with’ matching options to the filter rules in the web part’s display options.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part - filtering options

Some bug fixes

  • Multi-value string fields weren’t displaying on the profile view. Now they do.
  • An error was showing in the search results if you had recently switched from the column view to the profile card layout and not cleared the column display fields.
  • Certain fields weren’t matching properly when used in the pre-defined filter. We fixed that.

Improved installer for SharePoint 2013/2016

We rolled out a new installer to all our SharePoint 2013/2016 versions, including of course the latest version of the Staff Directory.

Vinewave Staff Directory Web Part installer
Vinewave Staff Directory Web Part installer progress

We recently blogged about the update so check out the full post here for some background and details.

Minor UI improvements

We updated a few small user interface things that you may not notice.