Here’s what we added and updated in the latest version of our SharePoint Classifieds Web Part.

SharePoint 2016 support

That’s right, the Classifieds web part now works with SharePoint 2016! 😃

Completely redesigned the classified item display page

Something we’ve been wanting to do for ages is build a better display page for the individual classified ads.

It was previously using SharePoint’s native list item display page:

But we knew we could do better:

Added a locations feature

We received a few requests for a locations feature, which we thought was a great idea, and so we decided to include it in this version.

You can now specify a set of locations relevant to your organization so your users can filter classified items by location.

Now you can add locations in the Classifieds Web Part display options

Added a “No Image Available” image placeholder

Previously we were showing a blank space when no image existed for the classified ad, in both the listing and the classified view page. Now it shows a “No Image Available” placeholder image.

Here’s what it looks like in the classified item listing:

And if you modify the web part’s theme you can display it in Comic Sans too!

Updated styling of display options

The Classifieds web part was using some outdated design elements for the display options, so we gave it a makeover.

We made the category tags look better and a bit easier to click…

…and we improved the size and styling of the “Add your classified” link:

(In the next version we’ll be moving the category tags to a left sidebar, together with a new location selector, plus some other filter options.)

Performance improvements

We rebuilt the way the category tag list is loaded in the background. It previously took 300 to 500 milliseconds to load and it now takes 8 to 12 milliseconds. It’s the little things ;)

Increased default size of image viewer from 800x600 to 1024x768

The image viewer (when you click on an image in the classified ad view page) was 800x600 by default. That’s old school, so we made it a bit bigger.

Fixed a bug with a broken image displaying when no image is uploaded

A silly little monster that we sent back to whence it came.

Fixed a strange IE8 compatibility bug

We’re not sure who still uses Internet Explorer 8, but we know at least one of our customers does, because they found a strange bug that popped up only in IE8. We squashed it!

And there you have it! Version 1.2.0 of the Classifieds Web Part, available for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016.