We’ve been hard at work the last few weeks preparing our Staff Directory Web Part for SharePoint 2016, and we’re excited to announce that it’s ready for you!

UPDATE: If you're running Microsoft Office 365 check out OneDirectory, our brand new cloud based employee directory software.

If you haven’t yet seen the product you can find out more about it here, or check out these screenshots to get a feel for what it does…

Profile quick-view

(Yay, no more waiting for pages to load)

When you need someone’s contact number you want it instantly. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into making the Staff Directory super, super fast (ask us how we did it :)

PS: If you're looking for better employee profiles for Office 365, check out the employee profiles in OneDirectory (our modern employee directory software for businesses running Microsoft 365).

Configurable profile display

Display fields are fully configurable and as a SharePoint web part administrator you can choose from the more than 60 built-in fields that are available, or your own custom fields that you’ve mapped from Active Directory.

A choice of display modes

You can keep things simple with the intuitive “card” display mode, or choose a more traditional column-based display if you prefer how that looks. This view offers configurable columns, sorting, field formatting and image previews.

More than just a people directory

The Staff Directory lets you browse and search for offices, departments, locations, skills and job titles too. This is automatically pulled from the latest info in your SharePoint user profile system.

Find people who know about ___________?

We’ve also built contextual filtering directly into the profile interface to help you find people based on what they know. If you want to see who worked on a certain project or who has knowledge about a specific customer, simply click that topic to find out.

PS: If you're running Office 365, check out the skills functionality in OneDirectory.

Find colleagues by location

Looking for colleagues in New York, Cape Town or Cottonshopeburnfoot
Type a location into the search box and you’ll find them.

Oh, and let’s not forget the TONS of display options…

Your SharePoint intranet is unique, so we’ve given you lots of display options so you can make the web part your own. We’re improving this all the time, adding in new display options regularly as we build new feature requests into the product.

Other key features

Super-easy to use 😀

It’s has a beautiful, easy to use interface that anyone can understand.

Brilliantly quick 🏎

Search hundreds of thousands of user profiles instantly. (PS: Ask us how we achieved this in spite of SharePoint’s people search API limitations.)

No configuration 👊

Works straight out the box. Just drop it on a page and WHAM!

Simple to install 🔨

Wizard-based installation takes less than 3 minutes.

And more…

There’s a ton of other features, so check out our Staff Directory page for a 30-day free trial. And shoot us your questions if you want to find out anything, we’re here to help :)

PS: Check out our modern employee directory app for Office 365. It’s called OneDirectory and it’s a fast, visual staff directory that'll help your employees find and connect with their coworkers easier.