Everything you need to perform bulk file operations in SharePoint document libraries.

SharePoint Zip Extensions beta version

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released the beta version of our new product SharePoint Zip Extensions to some of our customers in our beta release group.

We built this product for organizations who want to add bulk file operations to their SharePoint document libraries, which is not possible in SharePoint by default.

(Mail us at [email protected] if you want to be included in our SharePoint beta program. We’d love to get your feedback on how we can make our products better for you.)

We packed four useful ZIP features into a single SharePoint tool

1. Import ZIP files into SharePoint

Now your users can upload and extract ZIP files into any document library. We extended the Upload Document ribbon button so your users can find the function easily.

SharePoint Zip Extensions - Upload Document & Import ZIP file

Select your ZIP file, click Import Now and… presto! The contents of the ZIP file will be extracted directly into the document library.

SharePoint Zip Extensions - Import ZIP file into SharePoint document library

You can also extract to a sub-folder:

SharePoint Zip Extensions extract to sub-folder

2. Download as ZIP

Your SharePoint ribbon will get a new ‘ZIP’ group so it’s easy for users to locate the functions in any document library.

Vinewave SharePoint Zip Extensions - ZIP options in ribbon

Select one or more files and folders then click Download as ZIP to compress the files into a ZIP archive and download them to your local computer.

SharePoint Zip Extensions - Download as ZIP to local computer

3. Send to ZIP

If you want to create a ZIP from files that are already in a document library, use the Send to ZIP option. It’ll compress the selected files and save them as a ZIP archive in the current library.

SharePoint Zip Extensions: Send to zipped folder in SharePoint document library

4. Extract ZIP

If you’ve already uploaded a ZIP file to a SharePoint document library you can use the Extract ZIP function to extract it into that library.

Vinewave SharePoint Zip Extensions: Extract ZIP file into SharePoint document library

The folder structure will be retained, so it’s a quick and handy way to duplicate a folder hierarchy from your local computer into SharePoint.

Tons of value rolled into a single product

We considered releasing these functions as individual products but we thought it would be far more valuable to our customers to have all four features in one simple tool.

That’s why we called it SharePoint Zip Extensions. We hope you’ll find it useful!

How to get it

SharePoint Zip Extensions is currently available for SharePoint 2013/2016 on-premise.