In December we announced the beta version of SharePoint Zip Extensions. The product is now live.

SharePoint Zip Extensions ribbon options

We’re really excited to let you know that SharePoint Zip Extensions is now available.

As a quick recap, SharePoint Zip Extensions adds bulk file operations to your SharePoint document libraries, which is not possible in SharePoint by default.

You can download as ZIP from document libraries, import and extract ZIP files into document libraries, and zip and unzip files that already reside within document libraries.

SharePoint Zip Extensions: Download as ZIP, Send to ZIP, and Extract ZIP
Download as ZIP — just select some files & folders in SharePoint and click the ribbon button
SharePoint Zip Extensions: Send To Zipped Folder
Send to ZIP — it’s like ‘Send to compressed (zipped) folder’ in Windows

Why “Zip Extensions?”

We initially considered releasing a bunch of individual SharePoint ‘ZIP’ tools but we thought it would be far more valuable to our customers if they were all rolled into one simple tool.

So we packaged four of the most useful bulk document library features we could think of into an affordable SharePoint solution that you can have up and running in just a few minutes.

SharePoint Zip Extensions: Extract ZIP file
Extract ZIP files within SharePoint document libraries
SharePoint Zip Extensions:Import ZIP file into a SharePoint document library
Import and extract ZIP files directly into your SharePoint document libraries