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SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part

SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016

The Staff Directory Web Part is the ultimate employee directory for SharePoint. Just drop it on a page and it'll connect to your SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint 2016 user profile store automatically. It's super fast (ask us how we did it ;) and it's used by many of the world's leading companies. Try the 30-day free trial, you'll love it!

Staff Directory Web Part for SharePoint

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part Profile Page

SharePoint profile quick-view

When you need someone's contact number, you want it instantly.

That's why we built a SharePoint employee directory that's lightning fast and dead simple to use, so you can find who you're looking for quickly.

Employee profiles are displayed directly within the web part, instantly, so no more waiting for profile pages to load!

A choice of display modes

Keep it simple with the intuitive profile card display mode, or choose a traditional column-based display for your SharePoint employee directory, with configurable columns, sorting, field formatting and image preview.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part Column-based view

More than just an employee directory

Now you can browse and search for offices, departments, locations, skills and job titles too! All of this is automatically pulled from the latest info in your colleagues user profiles.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part offices, departments, locations, skills and job titles

Configurable profile display

Profile display fields are fully configurable, and as a SharePoint web part administrator you can choose from the more than 60 fields that are available in your employee directory. You can even display your own custom fields, mapped to SharePoint's user profiles via Active Directory.

Choose from more than 60 fields in the Vinewave SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part

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"Vinewave's employee directory is a really useful addition to Samsung's intranet. We love the user interface and it was so easy to install and customize!"
Browse offices and departments with the Vinewave Staff Directory Web Part for SharePoint

Browse offices and departments

We've made it easy for you to find people by office or department. Simply select a business unit from the sidebar to show the people who work there.

The list is automatically constructed from your employee user profile data so there's no configuration involved in setting this up. It just works!

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part search

Employee quick-search

An alphabetical index helps you find people by name, but if you're quick on the keyboard you might want to use the search box instead.

It's super-fast, and exact or partial matches are highlighted. Offices, departments, locations, skills and job titles are also searchable.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part searches offices, departments, locations, skills & job titles

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part ask me about

Find people who know about?

We've built contextual filtering directly into the profile interface to help you find people based on what they know.

Want to see who worked on a certain project or who has knowledge
about a specific customer? Simply click that topic to find out.

Employee locations

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part location based search and filtering

Looking for colleagues in New York, Cape Town or Cottonshopeburnfoot?
Type a location into the search box and you'll find them.

TONS of display options

Your SharePoint intranet is unique, so we've given you numerous display options to tailor your SharePoint employee directory to your company's specifications.

SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part display settings

Other key features

Super-easy to use

Beautiful, easy to use interface that anyone can understand.

Brilliantly quick

Search hundreds of thousands of user profiles instantly.

No configuration

Works straight out the box. Just drop it on a page!

Simple to install

Wizard-based installation takes less than 3 minutes.

Here's what people are saying...

"I really like the webpart! I've tested 5 of this type already and yours is the best in my honest opinion."
- Dennis Feiner, Marketing & Communications, cundus AG

"I previously purchased a staff directory web part from another company, but when I stumbled upon your web part, which I think is better, I immediately purchased it."
- Robert Hahn, Saint Hilary School

"We have been impressed with how easy to use and functional the Vinewave SharePoint Staff Directory Web Part has been."
- Lannes Lambert, IT Manager Global Infrastructure, H.C. Starck

"We are playing with the free trial of your tool and we are strongly considering purchasing it because it's awesome."
- Free trial customer

"I have installed the demo version and am very impressed!"
- David

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