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SharePoint Classifieds Web Part

SharePoint Server/Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server/Foundation 2013, and SharePoint 2016

Add a classifieds marketplace to your SharePoint intranet! The Classifieds Web Part lets your staff members advertise their used items for sale within your organization. It's a great way to build your employee community and help your team get to know each other better.

Vinewave Classifieds Web Part for SharePoint

Buy and sell with SharePoint

Spoil your intranet with a fully featured classifieds facility. People can view the latest items for sale, or browse classifieds by category or location.

And it's real easy for anyone to add their own classified items - no administration required.

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part self-service

Classifieds self-service

People can add and edit classified items themselves at any time, so there's no administrative burden.

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part styling options

Styling options

You can change the look & feel to match your company's branding.

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part expiry dates

Expiry dates

As a web part administrator you can set classifieds to expire after a certain number of days.

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part quick image upload

Quick image upload

SharePoint's image field isn't great, so we built our own. Now you can add pictures quickly and easily!

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part categories

Add your own categories

We've made it real easy for you to set your own category options.

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part permissions

Built-in permissions

Importantly, we've ensured that people can edit only their own classified items by default.

Customize it!

Your SharePoint intranet is unique, so we've given you numerous display options to customize the Classifieds Web Part to your requirements.

Vinewave SharePoint Classifieds Web Part display settings

Plus all the standard SharePoint features are still available

Why not use SharePoint's built-in features to customize your classifieds solution even further?

You could create alerts to notify people when a new item is being sold. Or upload attachments such as user manuals or warranty slips to the items you're selling to give potential buyers a bit of extra info. You could even set up an approval process for new classifieds to ensure they're double-checked before going live on your site.

Other key features

Super-easy to use

Great looking, easy to use interface that anyone can understand.

Quick & efficient

Dynamic loading means no more waiting around for pages to load.

No configuration

Works straight out the box. Just drop it on a page!

Simple to install

Wizard-based installation takes less than 3 minutes.

Here's what people are saying...

"I love the classifieds, it is perfect for what we need!"
- Free trial customer

"Our review of your product went well. We were impressed with the web part and how easy it is to use, and the display of the items."
- Jeff

"I really like the way the web part works!"
- Karen

"Checking out the cool products for SharePoint from @vinewave. Impressive stuff."
- Twitter user

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