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SharePoint Articles Web Part

SharePoint Server 2010 & SharePoint Foundation 2010

Now there's a fast and simple way to create great looking lists of content in SharePoint!

Vinewave Articles Web Part for SharePoint

What can it do?

Use the Articles Web Part to post announcements, deliver company news, create FAQ's, highlight products, and share info easily and in an attractive way.

Vinewave SharePoint Articles Web Part announcements example

Vinewave SharePoint Articles Web Part message from the CEO example

Keep people interested

The Articles Web Part is the perfect way to liven up your landing page with interesting content such as company news and announcements.

Say goodbye, content query web part

SharePoint's Content Query and List View web parts are the traditional choices for displaying lists of content such as company news or announcements.

The problem we have with these particular out the box web parts is that they simply display a bunch of tiny article links without dates or descriptions. They are also a hassle to set up.

That's why we created the Articles Web Part for SharePoint 2010!

Vinewave SharePoint Articles Web Part create articles list

Quick and simple

Insert an Articles Web Part onto any SharePoint page, type the name of your new articles list (e.g. "Press Releases", or "Company News") and click OK.
It's that easy!

Vinewave SharePoint Articles Web Part customizable display settings

Fully customizable

You can set the number of items to display, change the text size, set the orientation of your list (vertical or horizontal), and even choose a theme!

Show or hide article dates if you wish, and 'highlight' your latest article just like they do on your favorite news website.

The Articles Web Part does two things really well


It enables you to create article lists quickly and easily, so you can share content on your intranet without having to configure content query web parts or create SharePoint lists manually.


It gives you full control over the look & feel of your article lists by providing you with numerous display options and themes.

Here's how our customers are using it...

  • Announcements, company news and press releases

  • Sharing progress updates with project teams

  • "From the desk of the CEO"

  • Employee spotlight, employee of the month, and new hires

  • FAQ's

  • Quote of the Day

  • Sharing brochures, logos and other marketing material with staff

(PS: Installation is a piece of cake :)

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