A Revolutionary Employee Directory for Office 365

We've re-imagined the boring old corporate directory.

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Super fast, intuitive people search

The Vinewave Employee Directory connects to your existing Office 365 user store so your team can search and discover colleagues quickly from their desktop or mobile.

Crafted with ♥

We're fanatical about great user experiences, and we've focused on every detail to make an employee directory that's not only useful, but (dare we say it) a pleasure to use.


Many of the world's leading companies use our Staff Directory Web Part on their SharePoint intranets to help their teams collaborate. We wanted to take what we've learned building and improving this product over the years and create a new, cloud-based employee directory for organizations that are using Office 365.

We're on a mission to save the world from bad corporate directories

We think traditional corporate directory apps are clunky and boring. They have too many filters and options, and it takes far too long to find the person you're looking for. You want to be able to find people in seconds.

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